Something about is a non-profit online school which's goal is it to give lessons in Greek language and in basic mathematics. Also we would like to offer lessons of English to German and Greek people.


We are volunteers living at one of the Greek Islands. We would like to share with you our knowledge.


We know at first hand that learning a new language is a hard and demanding task. That's why we are here for you to make it as simple and smooth as possible.


We are always ready to answer all your questions!

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Basic even geometrical figures

The fundamental geometrical figures are the rectangle, the square, the circle and the triangle. More about these forms you can learn in this quiz.


Wie süß und knuffig Tiere doch meistens sind! Es gibt große und kleine, dicke und dünne, Haustiere und Tiere in freier Wildbahn… Nach diesem Quiz wirst du deine liebsten Haustiere…

Τα γράμματα α έως h

Το αγγλικό αλφάβητο έχει 26 γράμματα. Ξεκινάμε με τα πρώτα οκτώ. Αυτά είναι τα A/a-B/b-C/c-D/d-E/e-F/f-G/g-H/h.  


In diesem Test kannst du neue Wörter rund um das Thema Geburtstag lernen. Auch schreibst du deine eigene Geburtstagseinladung und hörst eine kurze Geschichte über eine Geburtstagsfeier.

Mathematical stories

Here you can find some very short stories with mathematical content. Write down the correct arithmetical problem and its solution.

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